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By Ruth

BMW vs. Mercedes: a close race on digital marketing channels

On 10, Jul 2015 | In Blog | By Ruth

An interesting comparison of long-time competitors, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, analyses different aspects of the brands’ digital marketing strategy. This assessment evaluates their brand strategy and performance on various digital marketing channels.


In many cases we witness traditional brands encountering difficulties in adapting their marketing strategy to new digital marketing channels like social media, forums etc. The challenge is to maintain the brand’s core values and to convey them consistently and effectively throughout all communication platforms.

This evaluation reveals that the two German rivals have embraced the new age and perform similarly well on social media. While each is a little stronger on certain digital channels, overall they maintain a close race on digital marketing channels.

When evaluating data output (mentioning of the brand on different channels) Mercedes outweighs BMW on Twitter and news outlets while BMW has a strong advantage on Facebook and forums. In this evaluation, BMW secured a minimal overall advantage (53%).

Both brands seem to have analogous brand responsiveness as both share comparably consistent and effective level of response to their audience. Conversely, although Mercedes-Benz enjoys larger following, BMW’s target audience is more responsive to the brand’s content and engages more actively with it than the Mercedes audience with their brand of preference. BMW succeeds to generate more dialogue from less content and fewer followers.

Key-word assessment reveals the core values and attributes for which these two different brands are known in the market place. Mercedes-Benz stands out with fuel efficiency as well as luxury and comfort, while BMW shines through speed, torque and handling.

Summarizing both brand performance results throughout diverse digital marketing channels, the final difference appears to be minimal and the BMW brand wins the race by a nose.


View complete comparison by James Lovejoy




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