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By Ruth

Influencer Marketing 2018 – How to Improve Results

On 02, Apr 2018 | In Blog | By Ruth

Influencer Marketing was little known a few years ago but gained in popularity with the growth of social media. Today, as the majority of consumers seem to trust peers reviews more than traditional advertising, many businesses consider integrating influencer marketing into their marketing mix.

With the recent Facebook algorithm change and the US Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) requirement of influencers and marketers to disclose their collaborations, it is more impotant than ever to pay attention to a few suggestions:

Be transparent about your partnerships.

The influencers you work with should clearly disclose that they’re paid promoters of your brand. It’s as simple as putting #ad or #sponsored in their post or use the branded content option (Instagram)


Less is more! Opt for a micro influencer.

For more bang for your buck look for influencer with targeted following – it’s more effective and often less expensive!


Found a trusted influencer and have established a relationship?

Now let your influencer lead the way (he/she know best what their followers like to see)


Turn loyal customers into brand advocates.

They have the most authentic voice.


Try using various social media platforms.

Though Instagram seems to lead the way, don’t ignore other channels.


Use Influencers Marketing Tools to establish the right partnerships and track them.

Possible tools: Tapinfluence and Upfluence.


Measure ROI – track your influencer campaigns.

Options: UTM parameters, unique promo codes (per influencer), branded hashtag.



In Blog

By Ruth

Can personal branding become inspirational?

On 06, Nov 2017 | In Blog, HomePage | By Ruth

On October 26th Paul Newman’s legendary Rolex, Cosmograph Daytona, was sold for $17.8 million after a 12-minute (phone) bidding war. The winner remains anonymous.

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In Blog

By Ruth

GIVING THANKS – What are you thankful for?

On 09, Oct 2017 | In Blog | By Ruth

Though by now we all know better, on most mundane days we still tend to focus on the empty half of the glass. We get caught up in little aggravations, we worry about everything, and small things can throw us off balance rather quickly. We seem to focus on what we have not yet accomplished and do not have, or our ever-growing to-do list.

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