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By Ruth

Do your Customers act as your Best Business’ Advocates?

On 14, Mar 2015 | In Blog | By Ruth

In the age of social media, where many purchase decisions are based on the recommendation of friends, colleagues, and the virtual network, advocates’ actions become a key tool to growing your business.

Loyal customers – who act on behalf of a brand through referrals, references, product reviews and social posts – can translate into huge second-order revenue as they share their positive experience with their network.

Best practices to turn loyal customers into your business’ advocates

Customer service is everything. If something went wrong, offer a replacement or another benefit even before the customer raises a complaint.

Ask them what they want.

Whether in person, by phone, or on social media, ask them for their feedback and make them a part of the decision-making and improvement process.

Short-term profit cuts can secure long-term benefits.

Even if it costs more to accept a returned item or compensate for a service, it is still less expensive than having to restore that customer’s loyalty or to reverse damages caused by a dissatisfied customer.

Supply your customers with helpful content.

Supply your customers with information and tips that are relevant and useful to them. You can provide this information during phone calls, as part of an electronic newsletter, or on your website and blog. Add links to product demonstrations that will enhance the customer’s experience.

Always improve your products and services.

It is easy to recommend a great product or service. However, no amount of marketing or customer service can fix a bad product. Constantly refreshing and perfecting your products/services will make them irresistible.

Once a loyal customer becomes an advocate, he/she can act as an extension of your sales force and might often be more successful in bringing in new customers. They will recommend your services, post pictures of your product on social media, subscribe to your newsletter, write online reviews, and tweet about you. Keeping these customers happy is a wise investment.

What would help grow your multipliers base?

– Recognize them quickly so it becomes a habit.

– Advocates wish to be recognized by their peers. Giving them an opportunity to speak at events or be featured in a case study can be beneficial on multiple levels.

– Make them part of the process. Ask for their opinion pre-launch or at the development stage.

– Let them know how special they are to you. Give them access to your executive lounge or tailored exclusive content.


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