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By admin

The Smart Palate: Delicious Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle

On 15, Sep 2014 | In Company News, HomePage | By admin

Providing creative guidance for a tasty project.

The Smart Palate is a celebration of good food for health conscious people with passion for cuisine

The book introduces innovative recipes along side traditional ones, prepared to maximize their health benefits. It introduces a variety of unfamiliar foods and supplies ideas of how to incorporate them everyday meals. While popular Montreal chemistry professor Joe Schwarcz contributes science-based enriching information, recipes also include Chef’s tips, smart food facts, and nutritional values. A fundraising project endorsed by the McGill University Faculty of Medicine that also honours the scientists at McGill’s Goodman Cancer Research Centre.
CommDesign was mandated with design consultation and art direction of this inspiring project; from the development of templates and icons to the organization and presentation of content and photo material.

  • GCRC Cookbook
  • GCRC Cookbook
  • GCRC Cookbook
  • GCRC Cookbook
GCRC Cookbook1 GCRC Cookbook2 GCRC Cookbook3 GCRC Cookbook4

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