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JGH – Jewish General Hospital

The nursing department of the JGH annually exhibits at multiple job fairs across Québec. We were asked to develop a new branding concept that would call attention and draw an audience of young professionals (19-24 year olds) to the JGH booth, while transcending language barriers (English/French).


We developed a universal and memorable “key visual” that expresses what nursing is all about. The symbol combines a heart and a brain and is surrounded by a bilingual typographic “nursing profile” describing the traits required in this profession. Shades of red and orange were selected as they stand for warmth, passion, energy, enthusiasm, balance, and courage. As the space allocated at job fairs varies, the design was spread over three displays of different sizes, in order to allow maximal set-up flexibility according to location.

Applications: Branding • Graphic Design • Print • Exhibit • Display

JGH – Exhibits

  • 80th Anniversary Display
  • 75th Anniversary ExhibitExhibit panel
  • 75th Anniversary ExhibitExhibit panel
  • 75th Anniversary ExhibitExhibit panel
  • 75th Anniversary ExhibitAt the Forum
  • Custom Poster Displays
  • Custom Display Cases
  • Custom Display Cases
80th Anniversary Display1 75th Anniversary Exhibit2 75th Anniversary Exhibit3 75th Anniversary Exhibit4 75th Anniversary Exhibit5 Custom Poster Displays6 Custom Display Cases7 Custom Display Cases8


Anniversary Exhibit: Design and production of a traveling exhibit to mark the 75th anniversary of the hospital (traveled to 6 locations in Montreal, shown here at the Forum, Montreal). The exhibition featured the story of the hospital from its humble beginnings to today’s advanced robotic surgery over sixteen panels.

Custom Displays: Exhibits at public spaces with high traffic require user-friendly mobile displays. To ensure maximal usage flexibility, we designed custom poster displays that accommodate double-sided media of various sizes. In addition, CommDesign developed custom lockable display cases that allow easy update of artifacts. Both systems are equipped with wheels to enable effortless movement and simplify the maintenance of public areas.


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