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By Ruth

Ad design for fashion brands – a pioneer that is still au courant today!

On 22, Mar 2017 | In Blog, HomePage | By Ruth

Fashion ads have the same purpose, only the channels have changed.

For many years fashion brands have been using advertising to raise awareness and attentions to their products. Today we see the rise of non-traditional forms of advertising. Some hope to gain overnight exposure through a video or a post that goes “viral”, while others rely heavily on social media. Many fashion brands use the same images as in their traditional ads and posters and use it on social media channels such as Instagram and Pinetrest to reach a wider audience. The fashion industry pays current pop-culture icons and celebrities to be seen and photographed with the latest clothing/accessories as a form of testimonial. Also sought after are popular bloggers, who can mention the brand in one of their posts, influencing thereby many followers.

Nevertheless, before any images are posted, shared, or “liked” – they have to be designed to convey the spirit of the brand behind them. The goal remains the same, only some of the marketing channels have changed.


One of the pioneers of ad design for fashion brands is Lora Lamm.

Lora Lamm was the first lady of Swiss design and became famous for her graphic design work in Milan during the 1950s-60s. Elements of the style that she established can still be found in fashion advertisements today (see example of Louis Vuitton ad below).


Lamm started her carrier studying at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Zurich. She moved to Milan in 1953 and joined the famous Italian department store La Rinascente in 1954, where she created advertising campaigns tailored especially to female customers. Her posters featured everything from hot water bottles to scooters (Pirelli) to fashion and were marked by her unique style combining collage work and simple illustrations.

In 2015 the Museum für Gestaltung, Zurich held a special exhibition capturing her work. Her style with its vintage charm has been copied multiple times and even today we find it in the new trend observed in many greeting cards and stationery items. Lamm’s work seems au courant also today!



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