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Segal Cancer Centre

5th Anniversary Gala

To mark the 5th anniversary, CommDesign developed a symbol that embodies the Centre’s “promise to life”. Based on the ancient Seed of Life, we created a flower-like symbol with a six-fold symmetry. Many spiritual beliefs are associated with the Flower of Life; it is considered to be the origin of all shapes from which life springs.

Applications: Graphic Design • Annual Report • Invitation • Digital Projection • Evening Program • Signage • Coffee Table Book.

  • SCC-Book-1
  • SCC-Book-2
  • SCC-Book-3
  • SCC-Book-4
  • SCC-Book-5
  • SCC-invite
  • Gala-program
  • SCC-ambiance
SCC-Book-11 SCC-Book-22 SCC-Book-33 SCC-Book-44 SCC-Book-55 SCC-invite6 Gala-program7 SCC-ambiance8

Segal Cancer Centre – Anniversary Report

The Anniversary Report was conceived with donors in mind. It covers the latest  pioneering treatments, accomplishments and testing done at the Centre. It informs about the benefits of cutting-edge facilities, acclaimed professionals, and innovative approaches.

  • SCC-1
  • SCC-2
  • SCC-3
  • SCC-4
SCC-11 SCC-22 SCC-33 SCC-44


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