Being professionally active online – what’s in it for me?

Being professionally active online – what’s in it for me?

Establishing a digital footprint for a business became a necessity a while ago. Potential customers will seek you out on these platforms when making purchase decisions; the more often they see your name mentioned in a professional context and the more valuable content they consume from you, the more trust they will develop and the more recognized you will become within your field of expertise.

It is the goal of every business and organization to build rapport with clients and prospects, to establish a solid reputation, and with time, to develop goodwill.

Digital marketing offers a large variety of tools; from organic (unpaid) communication via blogs or posts on social media to paid advertisement (social media, Google ads). Email marketing is another important part of the digital connection with your target audience. Each digital tool helps you reach your ideal audience in a different way (behavioural preferences) and at different touchpoints on their customer journey.

  1. Are you looking to raise awareness for your brand and to reach a wider audience?
  2. Would you like to establish yourself/your business as a leader in its field?
  3. Will your business benefit from interacting with its audience more intimately and developing a strong group of followers who are interested in your offer?
  4. Do you wish your business could be found more quickly in online searches?
  5. Would you like to get the attention of your preferred audience for specific offers and generate traffic to your website?
  6. Are you searching for cost-effective marketing solutions?
  7. Would you like your customers to become your brand advocates?
  8. Do you wish you could receive rapid feedback from your clients and prospects?
  9. Would you like to reach more of the right people for your brand?

    If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then being strategically active on social media could change the trajectory of your business.  Whether you create your content and share it online yourself or outsource this part to a third party, being organized and following a marketing plan will save you a lot of time and money. If you are looking to maximize your dollars start by evaluating your market (incl. competitors), define your exact target audience(s), set your goals and timeline, and put in place KPIs in order to measure the performance of your efforts later.

    Getting in front of the right people with higher efficacy.

    Today, digital marketing enables you to reach your ideal audience with incredible precision. Advanced targeting methods allow you to customize your message, visual, or presentation to match the behaviour, demographics, interests, and geography of specific sub-groups within your audience or to address audiences similar to your current client base. You can also choose to share your content with specific relevant groups on social media, thereby creating buzz and gaining exposure to a more attentive audience with a higher level of intent.

    The higher the affinity between your audience and your message, the greater the engagement and the reward. Audience engagement means the way your audience interacts with your content. When creating content (free or paid) that is valuable and relevant to them, they will not only consume it but also actively react to it (liking, commenting, reposting, responding to Call-to Action) and share it with others. An engaged audience tends to be a more loyal audience and can drive content distribution, visibility and improved lead generation.

    Increasing visibility while leaving room for key (or indispensable) business investments.

    Digital marketing has a wide variety of budget-friendly options. For small businesses or organizations with limited budgets, content marketing, social media ads and email marketing campaigns can generate impressive results without breaking the bank. Being strategic and following a detailed plan that combines several communication touchpoints with your audience, will amplify your marketing impact and prove cost-effective.

    Better Serving Mobile Users

    Mobile devices lead the way when it comes to content consumption. Most people use social media, video streaming, and news updates while on their mobile devices while desktops or laptops remain strong mainly in work environments. It is convenient to shop on mobile and take advantage of the ever-growing array of apps and secure payment options.

    In 2024, an estimated 56% of global internet traffic will originate from mobile devices and app usage on smartphones is projected to increase by 22%. It is expected that mobile commerce will drive 77% of all e-commerce sales by the end of 2024.

    Using smart mobile advertising strategies, responsive design and mobile-optimized websites will allow you to grow your influence in the market and secure a greater piece of this growing pie.

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