Digital Marketing – How to Evaluate and Maximize your Budget

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Digital Marketing – How to Evaluate and Maximize your Budget

Digital marketing is no longer an option for large companies only. Some digital options are now most affordable for many small businesses. Many business owners would like to implement digital tools in their daily practice, but often they are simply not sure where to start.

Digital marketing offers an ever growing landscape of options to publicize a brand and reach a wider audience quickly.  Traditional marketing avenues will continue to be part of the marketing mix and printed marketing tools still demonstrate higher customers’ retention rate of content (compared with digital ads). However, digital marketing presents several advantages that make it a very desired marketing option.

Advantages of digital marketing:

  • Shorter development time.
  • High affordability (no print, fulfillment, or postage cost).
  • Wide outreach. It is easy to spread messages with a mouse click.
  • Free exposure when content is “shared” by fans of the brand.
  • Customers can easily become advocates of the brand.
  • Some channels offer the ability to interact with the audience in real time.
  • It is quicker and simpler to receive feedback.
  • Accurate and rapid performance monitoring. This enables modifications already during a campaign session.

Digital marketing is multi-faceted. New channels and digital applications emerge daily while regulations on various social media platforms change often. It becomes very difficult to keep up with updates and determine which tools/platforms would really help you advance your goals and stay competitive.

Not everything is for everyone.

Some rules apply to all types of businesses. For example the advantage of posting quality content on your own website rather then posting the content directly on various social media platforms. Why? You have no influence on social media platforms. These platforms constantly alter regulations and settings, or changes to their computer algorithm. However, you are in full control of your own website. By posting directly on your website and sharing from there to other platforms, you generate traffic to your website page. The more visitors your website receives, the better the data you collect through it. Once someone visits your web page in order to read the end of your article, they may be tempted to visit other pages as well. It increases their chance to learn more about your product(s), services and company.

What are the right digital marketing channels for my business?

The multitude of digital marketing options can be quite overwhelming. Should I use Email marketing? Should I establish accounts on social media? Are all social media platforms suitable for my business? Would a social media campaign make sense or would a digital ad campaign be advantageous? Should I develop an app for my clients? Should I start a loyalty program?

All these ideas require not only money but also a significant time investment. To maximize the digital advantage, it is key to monitor, evaluate, and modify campaigns in real time. Most importantly, one size does not fit all.  More often than not there is no need to take on all available options simultaneously. We help you prioritize your objectives and then identify which tools and channels  would produce the best results for your business.

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