Email Marketing – A Guide to Best e-ROI

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Email Marketing – A Guide to Best e-ROI

Even though Email marketing is not a new tool (probably you read something on it in the past), it remains one of the most cost-efficient and effective means of digital marketing for every business! So here is a rundown of some strategic essentials.

It is difficult to narrow down the large variety of digital marketing tools to the one that would work best for you. Google ads? SEO? Digital ads? Social media? Though all of these channels have certain advantages, Email marketing generates better return on investment and helps develop deeper relationships with your audience while excluding the competition.

Email marketing helps you stay current

Email campaigns can be developed more quickly, which enables you to respond to current events and develop last-minute messages that are up-to-date. Over time, recipients will learn that you always have something new, fresh and current to offer and they will not want to miss out!
Email marketing supports brand recognition 
Consumers are exposed to your services and your brand with every email that they receive from you. Using consistent design and customized content will help build up brand recognition and awareness. You provide valuable (FREE) information that keeps you top-of-mind with your audience so when they are ready to purchase this type of product/service – you will be the “go-to” business or they will include you in their recommendations.

Email marketing is measurable

Many marketing tools provide only vague, immeasurable results. email marketing, on the other hand, is one of the most exact and measurable tools. Today’s email marketing platforms can provide precise tracking information on the number of emails that reached your recipients’ inbox, the general opening rate, which content got the most attention, how many people (and who) unsubscribed, how many reported it as “spam”, etc. This information helps you better understand your clients’/prospects’ interests and behaviour patterns. Most importantly, it allows you to modify your communication accordingly.

Email marketing offers good value for money

One of the greatest advantages of email marketing is the cost reduction it helps to achieve: no more print cost, postage fees or fulfillment services. A good marketer can develop help you properly segment your database, create custom design for your emails (branded) and develop attention-calling incentives and content for your clients and prospects. Email marketing offers some of the greatest returns in digital marketing.

Email marketing excludes competitors

Another advantage of email marketing is its ability to reach the recipient directly, and get his/her undivided attention. When a recipient decides to open your email there are no other competitors, products, services, ads or headlines to distract him/her.

Email Marketing is easy to spread

Users often will forward emails that feature useful information or an enticing offer and share them with friends. You can also provide tools for easy sharing on social media and enable your clients to become advocates for the brand. Use email marketing to address loyal customers with tailored loyalty programs and encourage them to share your content / business information with one mouse click. Nothing is as credible as a personal recommendation to help a brand benefit from trustworthiness and exposure.

Email Marketing supports your website

With the right planning and design, the content of your e-newsletters will be enticing. Each of the topics would send the recipient to your website for more information. This helps increase traffic to your website, and while there, it may expose clients/prospects to your entire wealth of services/products.

Email marketing is greener

When you choose to use email as your primary direct-to-consumer (B2C) or direct business-to-business (B2B) marketing tool, you automatically reduce the demand for printing paper and support a more eco-friendly means of communication.

Remember to:

  • Send mobile friendly emails (with Responsive Email Design–RED)
  • Always test several subject lines and optimize accordingly
  • Test content, design, and buttons’ functionality
  • Segment your database
  • Personalize emails where possible
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