Strategic Liaisons

Strategic Liaisons

A strategic liaison between companies with complimentary products and services and a similar target audience can prove very successful. Such partnership, when done right, can help both parties increase their reach and tap into each other’s existing attentive audience. The content is likely to offer an added value to both audiences and even propose a more comprehensive solution idea. Any content which being introduced by a strategic partner to its audience automatically implies endorsement by this partner hence will benefit from higher audience attention and trust. When using such liaisons for new marketing efforts and lead generation, it can streamline your budget as the cost is shared. This approach can be implemented for digital ads, emails, event promotion, and traditional media like direct mails and printed material.

Strategic liaisons are an effective tool when networking and scouting for new business opportunities; however, they should be formed after careful evaluation of the respective partner and thorough understanding of its brand image, target audience, and offer/services. Every association with another professional, influencer, brand, or company can be very beneficial and risky at the same time. Negative publicity for the strategic partner can reflect on your own firm and be harmful. In such a case immediate public clarification and mitigation plan aid tremendously with damage control and help restate assurance and trust with the audience.

A company may participate in several strategic liaisons for different geographic areas, marketing to dissimilar markets or audiences, or using different communication channels. It is important to examine all liaisons and associations opportunities carefully, bearing in mind a possible chain effect if multiple liaisons are formed and keeping them all transparent.

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